RECREWTERS is a personnel selection and management company specialized in the marine, offshore and wind energy industry.


We are a new company which means new experience, new opportunities and new level of service. That’s a whole new way of working for you. 

Our services are managed by Maris Briedis, who has brought his 11-year recruitment and crew management experience to this company.


We can be your trusted partner in recruitment and crew management, because we have the experience and knowledge of the industry, workforce and regulations. 

We know what we do and for this reason, we can deliver what’s promised, on time and on a whole new level. 

How does that sound to you?


Imagine what your business could accomplish more with the help our services.


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Empower the businesses to achieve more by becoming their trusted partner and providing the right human resources.


Being creative and thinking outside the box.

Being dedicated and loving what we do.

Being knowledgeable and staying on top of our game. 

Being extraordinary. The difference between ordinary is that little EXTRA.

***Disclaimer*** We have intentionally not listed such values as integrity, being open and honest, being responsible, keeping the promises, because these are not core values. These are the values that everyone should possess without saying.